About Us

Who We Are

Just two regular chaps with families and day jobs. David does all the shipping, financials, and business-y stuff required to run S00nish when he's not aspiring to become a pilot. Steve teaches middle schoolers how to do cool stuff on computers when he's not designing and manufacturing cool stuff for y'all. We started out selling a pretty basic charging pad because we saw a need, and it's grown from there based on feedback and ideas from the people who have been brave enough to buy from us.

How We Roll

You're NOT going to get fancy packaging from us. We're NOT (usually) going to ship same day with next day delivery. We shoot for everything we use in the packaging and shipping of our products to be either re-used or directly recyclable (even the tape on the boxes is made from paper and fully recyclable!) We're going to ship as quickly as we sustainably can - which usually means as soon as David (or his wife) have the time to do it without abandoning our young kids =) We try to ship with USPS whenever feasible since we're firm believers in a Postal Service being an essential part of a functioning democracy and want to throw as much money their way as possible.

We strive to work with others in the Rivian community to manufacture as many of our products as we can. Much of it is done - more or less - to order and 3D printed. A bunch more is manufactured at a fabrication shop owned by a fellow Rivian owner in Salem, OR. We also work with fabrication shops out of Phoenix, AZ. Occasionally, some component is difficult to procure domestically (e.g. the step down charger we use in our Premium Charger for R1T & R1S) and is purchased from an overseas supplier - but we're very open to sourcing those Domestically too if you happen to know anyone who produces that sort of thing!

Returns & Warranty

We stand behind the stuff we make. If you're not satisfied, let us know and we'll make it right. If it's because something broke, we'll get a new one sent your way just as soon as we can. If it's because it doesn't meet your expectations - we're happy to accept returns. We'll have you pay the return shipping, but we'll refund the entire original purchase amount. We do this because we're not a big company with tons of resources to process tons of returns, and at that point we'd literally be paying you to not like our product which just feels weird, you know?

We also resell for some brands that we think complement Rivian well - both in functionality and use case. For those products we sell from Morimoto, MAXTRAX, Abstract Ocean, and others - we ask that you go through them for any warranty claims. We can help facilitate if you're not getting a prompt reply, but we're not set up to provide warranties for their stuff. We are authorized resellers for everything we carry.


We don't do many discounts. We set prices fairly in a way that allows us to take care of our customers. The cost goes in to the quality of product and customer service that you'll get from us - we don't over-price and then plan to sell everything at 10-30% off which seems to be the norm these days!

We DO honor minimum advertised pricing rules for companies that we resell and will match prices you see from any authorized reseller of those products.