These work great. The opening fits up to a 97mm bottle (3.8189") bottles. In terms of the common bottles we granola-munching types like to use... A standard Nalgene, certain 36oz Yeti Ramblers, and a 40oz Hydroflask all fit perfectly. Probably lots more too, that's just what we had on hand to test with!

Installation is pretty simple. The rubber mat on the floor of the cargo area between driver/passenger seats is held in place by rubber plugs. Lift up until they pop out. Figure out where you want to place the cup holder (I prefer in the front so the camp speaker can still be removed, but they're angled so that they'll fit closer to the rear as well). Place the bottle holder in the desired location over the hold for the plug and pop the included plug in. Put the mat back down and... enjoy! These ARE directional.

Between the plug + the weight of the bottle, these are extremely solid and your bottle is unlikely to move in normal driving conditions. These are NOT designed to support the full weight of a bottle on the ring itself - you should absolutely never do that. ONLY use bottles that reach all the way to the floor and do not rely on these holders to keep them in place.

NOTE: There can be some pulling away of the rubber mat in the center area after the installation of these. Some folks (like me) don't mind it. Others might and can choose to address it by using some VHB tape and clamps. As of today (Feb 4th, 2023) we're working on capturing a video of that process and determinging exactly which tape to recommend. You can see in the prototype image the pulling away from the edge, and what it looks like in the finished product version as well.

What's Included:

- Your selected cupholders

- Can order JUST right or left, or both. $54 for both, $29 each.

- Flange to better support smaller bottles

- Plug to securely connect  to the floor of the truck

What's Not Included:

- A water bottle.

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