1/6/23 Product Updates


Charging Plates:

We’re mostly caught up on production of the charging plates! All orders up to December 8th have already been shipped, and I’ll be getting out I think all of the outstanding ones over the weekend. Beyond that, We’re working on prototyping a more premium version that will mostly keep the 3D printed structure out of sight. Currently we have parts on the way to us now and assuming it a) Looks as good as we hope it will and b) Isn’t prohibitively difficult to assemble, we will share an update s00n!

OEM Charging Connector:

We have tested a working prototype for an add-on to the charging plate that will free up the USB ports in the center console area, require zero soldering on your part, and be compatible with all s00nish charging plates past and present. This connects directly to where the OEM wireless charger connects and will replace the entirety of the OEM wireless charger. It will require a little more elbow grease to install, but only marginally so. Steve has it working in his truck now and I’m getting one s00nish that I’ll capture my incredible DIY skills on video so you can pass judgment. The one downside is that we couldn’t find one that worked as readily with USB-C, so a USB-A-connected puck is required. We conveniently sell exactly that - and I swear it’s not by design! Go find a better deal on them elsewhere if you’re so inclined =) ( You could also use USB-A to USB-C adapters which Steve is currently doing )


It's a bit of a mess for now...

Look ma, no wires!

Center Console Organizer:

This has gotten really popular in the last couple of weeks. We are currently producing these in a dark blue that looks really sharp inside the center console. We found that it was easier to see things inside the organizer with dark blue versus black. We may be able to offer this in other colors (black or maybe yellow?). Keep track of the website for those options or maybe just let us know. David is absolutely wanting some yellow somewhere! Our hope is that since this piece is not something typically visible, some minor color variations are AOK (black vs. dark blue vs. grey vs. whatever) - but if you’re feeling strongly about wanting one explicit color, let us know!

Also, I know we said Jan 31st to start shipping these… but we’ve been producing them slowly but surely and the first batch will ALSO be going out this weekend. Most of these are dark blue.


The dark blue. Looks rad in person too.

The black - pretty standard!

Hose Winder:

We’ve made a bit of a change to how we’re going to produce them. The overall functionality will remain unchanged, but the new approach to production speeds it up considerably. These were taking 30+ hours to print each, have that down to ~6h + 5 mins of assembly before we send them out. We’re able to keep pricing the same since it ends up being about the same cost overall on our end.


OK, with the boring stuff out of the way… THE GOOD STUFF! Some new things that solve problems (...or minor inconveniences as it were) we’ve had!


Cargo Bar Bed Holder and Wall Mount:

Makes for an easy spot to mount your crossbars in the bed of the truck. Secures the crossbars underneath your tonneau (if you have one), and still allows you to lock them in. Has a little rubbery bit that goes between the bars to keep them from knocking together. Lastly it allows the T-Slot to be used for a wheel-off bike fork mount. Double duty! 

These bad boys are made out of not-insignificant aluminum. Strong AF, but due to the (relatively) small size to be bent by our manufacturer, struggles to get a full 90-degree bend. Clamps down just fine, but pops back out to an 80-degree bend when you remove the bolt (which will not need to happen after the original install.) Final product will be powder-coated wrinkle black.

The holders also act as a nifty wall mount. So if you rather have them hanging in your garage you can use these for that too!


Note - not quite square, or coated!

Latches right in using the crossbar latch.


Should I have led with this one? I think I should’ve led with this one. It’s been the #1 request we’ve gotten.



So these work great. Current photos are slightly different from final production. Production version uses slightly thicker Aluminum, is slightly taller, and has a slightly wider opening. The opening will fit up to 97 mm bottles. In terms of bottles commonly used by we granola munchers, this is up-to a standard Nalgene bottle, certain 36 oz Yeti Ramblers, 40 oz hyrdoflask, etc.

They’ll be powder coated wrinkle black, and the bottle holder insert will be black-ish as well (might be more grey in practice). Installation is simple:

Lift up rubber mat, identify which of the plugs on the ground along the edge you want to use, (we recommend the furthest holes away from the speaker), use included locking plug and a LOT of elbow grease to insert, place mat back down again.

Nothing in the truck is modified. We are using existing holes and mounts that were already utilized to hold the rubber mat down. See images on product page for a slightly clearer understanding. Install video coming s00n...ish.


U-Bolt/ Roof Top Tent Cargo Bar Washer:

Feedback is needed… what should we call this thing?

Basically, if you’ve got a rooftop tent that uses a u-bolt to connect to the crossbars, you know it doesn’t have a large point of contact with the cargo bars. This could lead to movement or worse, scratched cargo bars. Does it matter? Probably not. Did it bother us enough to make a little ‘washer’ so that it does sit flush and protects the cargo bars? You bet.

Not much else to say about these! Color will also be black-ish or maybe blue-ish. Same material as the flange-y bit for the cup holders. Similar products from Yakima are ~$50, so we're coming in a bit under and hoping they help!


Super Bendy!

Sits flush up against the bottom of the crossbar, protecting from scratches and giving much better surface area.