After seeing the other ditch light bracket options on the market, we saw some room for improvement and came up with our own! These are manufactured by another Rivian owner and community member down in Salem, OR out of 10ga stainless steel and then powdercoated matte black. (If you're interested in a Rivian Yellow option... let us know and we'll see what we can do!)

These use only ONE of the two bolts that connect the hood, so the install process is considerably less involved than any of the other options on the market at present. As you can see in the video at the bottom of the page - the hood DOES lift slightly, but stays locked in place and doesn't require re-aligning. It also doesn't move after install and torquing down, so you're not sacrificing stability.

We wrapping up prototyping now (and both of us are running them on our trucks currently - so we're close!) and once we get to 10 orders (or close to it by April 15th) will get the first order placed and shipped out by end of April.


For now, we're just selling the brackets. We've just gotten approved as a Morimoto dealer and as s00n as we have a solution worth talking about for switching and connecting them (and hoooo boy do we have some ideas), we'll get those added as well!

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Ships after April 15th, 2023.


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