This is it. The big kahuna. The definitive OEM replacement charging solution for Rivian owners.

Granola Bowl? Check.

Topo Map for +10 Adventure Points? Check.

Functional MagSafe Chargers? Check.

OEM Molex Connector with ZERO soldering by you? Check.

This has been a long time coming with dozens of prototypes, starts and stops, Steve pulling his hair out when I asked (over and over and over again) for a flush mounted solution, mm-level tweaks over and over again to make sure that everything fits just right and accomodates the minor build differences between trucks - and here we are!

The pictures and installation video really tell you everything else you need to know!

What's included:

  • Full OEM replacement base plate (3D Printed)
  • 12V > 2x USB-A Adapter with OEM Molex connector
  • Top Plate (3d Printed) with attached wood veneer (not 3d Printed)
  • 2x JSAUX MagSafe Charging Pucks (OPTIONAL)
  • Note: Raw Walnut and Bamboo plates are NOT sealed.
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