This is it. The big kahuna. The definitive OEM replacement charging solution for Rivian owners.

Granola Bowl? Check.

Topo Map for +10 Adventure Points? Check.

Functional MagSafe Chargers? Check.

OEM Molex Connector with ZERO soldering by you? Check.

This has been a long time coming with dozens of prototypes, starts and stops, Steve pulling his hair out when I asked (over and over and over again) for a flush mounted solution, mm-level tweaks over and over again to make sure that everything fits just right and accomodates the minor build differences between trucks - and here we are!

The pictures and installation video really tell you everything else you need to know!

What's included:

  • Full OEM replacement base plate (3D Printed)
  • 12V > 2x USB-C Adapter with OEM Molex connector.** 
  • Top Plate (3d Printed) with attached wood veneer (not 3d Printed)
  • 2x JSAUX MagSafe Charging Pucks (OPTIONAL). 
  • Note: Raw Walnut and Bamboo plates are NOT sealed.

**NOTE: As of iOS 16, Apple limits charging speeds on non-Apple magsafe to a MAXIMUM of 7.5W. Our 12V > USB-C adapter supports PD3.0 if you use Apple Magsafe pucks (15W), but if using the optional ones we include, you will be capped at a MAX of 7.5W (practically more like 5W). I personally use the JSAUX charging puck and in extended testing, this is sufficient to stream bluetooth audio over cellular data with navigation running and display on for an iPhone 14 Pro Max, and adds enough charge to keep it topped off. If you like min/maxing things, you may consider the Apple OEM pucks instead of ours.

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Love My OEM Charging Replacement

Jonathan Stanley on Apr 24th 2023

This is the charging solution I have been waiting for and honestly what should’ve been in the Rivian from day one. Completely flush design, and all the power of an OEM solution. Thank you for designing this and I hope Rivian adopts something similar moving forward.