Makes for an easy spot to securely mount your crossbars in the bed of the truck. Could also be used for a wall at home! Has a little rubbery bit that goes between the bars to keep them from knocking together. Shown as blue in the current photo (as of 5 Jan 2023) but will be black in when we begin shipping.

The way this works out, the T-Slot of the crossbars can also be used for a wheel-off bike mount to be attached! We're working on sourcing this and will email anyone who pre-orders this directly once we've got one ready to go.

These bad boys are made out of aluminum and then powdercoated a matte/satin black. Strong AF, but due to the (relatively) small size, our manufacturer can't get it to a full 90-degree bend. Clamps down just fine after you install on the truck, but pops back out to an 85-degree bend when you remove the bolt (which will not need to happen after the original install.)

Why don't we do this for you and ship with the cross-bolts pre-installed? To really maximize strength, we designed it so that the mounting-point to the truck is in-line with mounting points for the crossbars. It would be difficult/impossible to get a socket on the bolt to connect to the truck with the cross-bolts installed unfortunately.

What's Included:

All hardware needed to mount to the truck and install the cross-bolts.

Not Included:

- Crossbars themselves

- Bike Mount

Current Stock:

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