The Charging Pad we wish the truck came with.

This is a drop-in replacement for the Rivian-included rubber charging pad that didn't work for us. See video at the bottom of the page for installation instructions!

NOTE: This is a 3D Printed part*

In our own enthusiastic testing, this will hold your iPhone or Android (with stick-on charging aligners) in place without any sliding or excitement. Thoughtful Crumb Catcher 3.0 with beveled edges to make it easier to wipe out - as well as provide a place for the camera bump to hang out, allowing the phone to lay flush.

This is the result of a dozen+ prototypes and design variations to get the fit just right. It is 3D Printed with PETG and should stand up to most of the heat your car throws at it - let us know if it does and we'll make it right!

The Charging Pucks we include are black JSAUX charging pucks. They work great in our testing, and can (in theory) deliver 15W to a compatible Android device. Apple devices won't fast-charge (that's a MFI certification thing from Apple), but hasn't been an issue for most use cases in our experience. You can buy them on Amazon for ~$20/each, or we've priced a pair here a bit more competitively than that.

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