So, uh, who are you?

We're long-time fans of the Rivian brand who saw a need for some aftermarket accessories to fill gaps Rivian left behind. The charging pad is our first (...and only, for now) product - but like any good growth hackers, we plan to re-invest proceeds in to bringing more products to market.


Oh? More products? I have an idea!

Awesome. We'd love to hear it! No, seriously. If you've got a product idea for the Rivian that you're struggling to figure out - or heck, have it fully designed and just want a storefront to sell through, we'd love to help. Our vision for this is to be a marketplace that serves a community of adventurers, both through bringing high quality and thoughtful accessories to market, as well as giving people who have always had a great idea but weren't sure how to bring it to market a way to make that happen - and get fairly compensated along the way.


Neat. So, what's with the name?

Long time followers of the Rivian brand, starting in 2018 and through until deliveries began in laaaaate 2021, will have heard "More details coming... soon!" "Deliveries starting... soon!" "Sorry about your tonneau cover, we'll have an update.... soon!"

It got memeified - and the =0==0= was tailor made to show off the front end of these trucks and SUVs.

Now - we're two dudes with day jobs and kids. Living in Amazon's shadow (seriously Jeff, the giant phallus and testes are a bit much) - we're keenly aware that people expect 2 day free shipping. Free shipping we're cool with, but two day? Asking a bit much. We simply ask for patience. We'll get your product made and shipped s0==0n....ish. We'll keep you updated at every step along the way too.